Jodhpur school for the blind.

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Founded in 1977 Netraheen Vikas Sansthan school has been working for the rehabilitation and education of blind students for the last 35 years in Suncity, Jodhpur. All the teachers many of whom are even blind also are well trained and highly qualified. Providing free education with board for blind children from all over northern India. Outside if the usual academia the school syllabus is structured to give a practical step up in life, lessons include trades and life skills. Home Science, regular cooking & hobby classes are conducted for blind girls and boys to make them self dependant Both male and female students are taught practical skills that can provide an income. These skills include the canning of chairs, weaving & spinning of bed sheets & towels on handloom machines. The students are paid stipend for these activities under Learn and Earn programme. This is combined with modern educational subjects including computer studies and languages provided the students, many of whom from impoverished backgrounds with an advantage in life otherwise unavailable to them and their families.

Free Medical checkups at frequent intervals are organized at school campus with the assistance of local hospitals and clinics. Free medicines are also provided to blind students as and when required. The check ups are preformed by renowned AIIMS, Delhi alumni doctors of ASG Eye Hospital, Jodhpur at regular intervals. Even eye operations of some blind students are also done where ever possible. Again providing students with access to a level of medical care and assistance that would otherwise be difficult, if in some cases impossible to attain.

Photographer Darragh Mason Field visited the school in late October 2012 and documented the daily life of the students there.
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