The Bosnian Pyramid

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The small town of Visoki, just 30km from Sarajevo was put on the international map when in 2005 Bosnian archaeologist Dr Semir Osmanagić claimed its home to the biggest and oldest pyramid in the world, the Bosnian' Pyramid of the Sun'. The Doctor claims Visočica hill, which dominates the town is not a hill but is in fact an ancient step pyramid that is up to 12,000 years old pre-dating the Egyptian pyramids by 7000 years. Not only that if it a pyramid its three times the size of the great pyramid of Giza.

And people he's not alone in this belief. Each year thousands of tourists from across Russia and Eastern Europe flock to the site. I met volunteers from France and the UK who had come to help excavate the site. Excavations beneath the pyramid have revealed a tunnel complex with natural pools that the Dr claims have healing properties due to the high level of 'negative ions' in the area. They have recorded a Schumann resonance of 7,83 hz under the pyramid which they claim is conducive to healing. They encourage visitors to place their hands above the large stones found during the excavation to sense the energy. The water is bottled and sold in the souvenir stands outside for 10 euro a small bottle.

There are sections of the side of the mountain that are covered in what is suggested to be an ancient form of man made concrete. This type of concrete was used by the Romans but could it have been in use some 12,000 years ago? Great blocks of the 'concrete' have been cleared of debris to reveal a large area cladding the structure. On top of this a smooth surface which the Dr proposes originally covered the structure before the years had hidden it from view. This area of the site is very mysterious and while this type of conglomerate can occur in nature this area does look artificial and has turned many a sceptic into a believer.

The site has divided the archaeological world and Dr Osmanagić is surrounded by controversy with many experts claiming its either plain wrong and at worst an elaborate hoax. The site has divided experts and is steeped in controversy. However Egyptian archaeologist Dr Nabil Mohamed Abdel Swelim has gone on record saying he's convinced the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is an 'amazing structure of great importance for the entire world'.

Further to this a team of Archaeologists, Egyptologists and geologists led by Professor Mona Fouad Aly (Conservation Dept, Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University) stated her team came to the following conclusion: 'Everything that we have seen so far tells us that human hands built these structures a long time ago.'

Whatever the truth is, it has not revealed itself yet and the site continues to fascinate the curious across the world. And while the picturesque town of Visoki is enjoying its current fame, one can't help but feel the joke might ultimately be on them.
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