This is where we meet

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This Is Where We Meet, focuses on bachelor brothers Michael and John Kielty and their weekly routine. Both in their sixties, every Friday at 11.00am, the pair call into Guiry's pub for a drink after collecting their pension. I joined them for six weeks.

The pub is not alive during the day. It is at night when its real business is done. In the daylight it is a place of long shadows and people with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. But there is camaraderie and laughter amongst the old men in the pub

The 'Bachelor farmer' is a residual effect of the great famine of the 1840's. A victim of social pathologies which affect both their farming and their social and personal life in negative ways. In order to prevent the farm being divided up into smaller holdings, the eldest son inherited everything. Other son's we're prevented from marrying until middle age or older in order for them to work on the farm and it was very common for them not to marry at all. The result is a strata of marginalized men.

The faces in this work are from a troubled but in many ways innocent generation. They are faces that are vanishing from Ireland.
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